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Meet Rozahnea


Rozahnea Charles

Speaker. Blogger. Aspiring Artist.

Hey everyone! My name is Rozahnea, but you can also call me Nae.  I'm a 22 year old aspiring artist and developing writer who finds beauty in speaking truth.

Embracing my story has always been a challenge for me as I struggled with rejection, abandonment, molestation, insecurities, and so many other things. But, God began to call me to a place of elevation and purpose through his love, giving me no other choice but to face the woman in the mirror. It was literally one of the hardest experiences to see myself in such a state, but the Lord is a healer and he saves. I've grown so much as a woman because of his grace and this is just beginning of my journey.

This blog is a space of vulnerability, transparency, and truth for myself and others. I believe that there is so much beauty in speaking your truth unapologetically. Many of us face challenging life experiences and I believe that we all have a story to tell, Whether it be the good, bad, or ugly. I just want to start with mine and  let you know how his truth saved me. 

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